Xena balancing chakram on her finger.
Gabrielle with the chakram.-Friend in Need 2

One of us was issued a fanfiction writing challenge.

 We succumbed to the


And Now...we're a website, fanfiction site, and podcast all in one! Enjoy!

In a time of Ancient Gods...Xena Warrior Princess set the stage as one of the most butt kicking female role models since the Bionic Woman.
Join the Babbling Bards as we delve into the Ancient world according to Xena and Gabrielle, and shower you with knowledge. 
Liliana is our Xena buff, and she's been watching the show since it aired on television, and Trista...well, she's Trista. She's a well of useless information, and has a knack for trivia knowledge that will leave you scratching your head and saying "How did she remember that?" While you're hanging around, pick up some sweet swag from the Warrior's Wares section, or check the scrolls for some light, mushy reading centered on our favorite female duo. If you just want to chill and listen, head over to the podcast. There's something for everyone.

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